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Welcome to one of the most thorough sites on the web addressing the conscious use of sound and music as tools and vehicles to heal, empower, and shift personal vibration. The site reflects the ever-expanding work of Sound and Vibrational Alchemist, singer/songwriter, facilitator, Mark Stanton Welch. It can easily serve as a one stop center for all your healing music needs. Mark’s original compositions have been powerful resources for so many in the New Thought movement for 25 years. No matter the age, music impacts. And music that has been intended to heal and empower impacts on multi levels and in multi dimensions.

This page provides an overview of what is contained in this site. Read on and find information and links to get started in your area of interest. Mark offers a wide variety of services, courses, and recordings. Enjoy your journey…

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Mark has developed a variety of ways to work with your energy bodies for the purposes of healing, empowering, or maintaining. Explore this section to find information on:

Much of the information regarding the therapeutic and expansive use of sound and vibration has been carefully guarded and accessible only through mystery School journeys. This was because the vibration of the information was so powerful it was hazardous to the uninitiated. The collective raising of vibration over the last 25 years due to the inner work of many as well as the cosmic influx of higher, cleansing vibrations, has allowed us to reach a level of vibration that can assimilate the ancient information. That is not to say that it can’t be dangerous in the hands of someone with mal-intent. For this reason I have created a unique Sound Waves Inner Mystery School course that will teach a seeker all that is necessary to become a Sound Alchemist. For further information visit the page.

Becoming a Sound Alchemist

As all is vibration, it can be influenced and altered. Music, as a vibrational vehicle can be harnessed and steered in many directions. Its power as a specific tool for altering vibrations by raising them to create a healing state is just beginning to be explored on a large scale. It easily could revolutionize the healing arts. Look below to follow the many variations on a theme:

Mark can provide you with a wide variety of music needs to meet your specific purposes. What is currently available included the following:

Schedule and details for specific Mark Stanton Welch experiences, classes, concerts, sharings, conference calls, seminars, healing experiences

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