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You are invited to enroll in a very unique learning opportunity that will result in your becoming certified as a Sound Alchemist®. This two semester online seminar will teach you a vast array of  information and technique to work with sound and vibration to assist individuals in realigning to their frequencies of wholeness. Upon completion of the Level 1 and 2 courses and successful passing of a series of exams you will receive your certification as a Sound Alchemist.

This cutting edge process will utilize downloadable PDF files, audio files and video files to provide you all the information. Additionally, you shall  be invited to attend one 4 day weekend practicum intensive in San Luis Obispo, California, where you will put all your learnings into guided practice with your classmates. Another seminar will be via conference calls and Skype broadcasts.

New visions of our vibrational makeup combined with ancient mystery school techniques, current day science and newly channeled  insights will provide you with a one of a kind curriculum that will  doubly assist you in reclaiming your center and balance as well as giving you the skills to assist others to do the same.

You can also choose to take the short course, Introduction to Sound Healing, to give you foundational information about key elements of being a Sound Alchemist. Additionally, you will be taught personal tools to cleanse your own energy fields and raise your vibrational frequency.

Click the links below to access curriculums and details for all three levels of Sound Alchemy.

Sound Waves Inner Mystery School Details

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Music for Every Soul

Sound Waves Inner Mystery School Learning the art and science of vibrational realignment

Introduction to Sound Healing

Sound Waves Inner Mystery School, Level One

Sound Waves Inner Mystery School, Level Two

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