Sound frequency and vibration are the stuff of which the multiverse is made. To know its dimensions and harness its power is to have the skill to regulate your moments and create the life you deserve and desire. Enter into the mysteries of creation as you explore sound and ride the waves of manifestation and resonance. Not only will you learn how sound can mould your moments into the forms you intend, you will also explore its use a s a remarkable tool of healing.

This in-depth school will give you a strong foundation upon which you can build a personal practice of helping yourself and others realign their cellular frequencies to wholeness. Through PDF based information and audio and video samples you will see and hear just how sound can be used to bring about a profound balance in all your energy fields and systems.

Consisting of six monthly learning blocks, this mystery school will educate you in a powerful vibrational art and science. As all information is downloadable on the first of each month, you can proceed at your own pace, reviewing the information as often as you feel necessary. Study questions at the end of each block will help you to review that which is critical in your training.

When paired with Level Two, you will have all you need to set up a practice as a Sound Alchemist.

Much of the recent channeled information begins with the acknowledgement that all creation is vibration.The secret of the ages has been to harness these vibrations with intention to lovingly massage beauty into shape. If you desire to alter the course of your inner and outer being, then you would be well served to embark on this sound journey. It just may be the thing you have been looking for. Knowing how to monitor and adjust your own vibrating energy bodies will allow you to call forth all your skills and resources to live fully in the moment.

Curriculum for Level One

A.  Sound and Vibration Block
      1.  Sound Healing History
      2.  Practitioners
      3.  Nature of Sound and Healing
      4.  Physics of Sound and Healing
      5.  Esoterics of Sound and Healing
      6.  Cymatics
      7.  Frequency
           a.  plants
           b. organs
           c. cells
           d. chakras
      8. Vibration
          a. nature of
          b. physical body
          c. energy bodies
          d. nature
      9. Sacred Geometry
    10. Pitch
    11. Intervals
    12. Major and Minor Keys and healing
    13. Hearing

  B.    Voice Block

         1.  Breath

              a.  Techniques

         2.  Vocal Mechanism

         3.  Vowels and Consonants

         4.  Voice Placement and Body resonance

         5.  Toning

         6.  Vocal Harmonics

         7.  Phonetics/Seed Sounds

         8.  Language

         9.  Power words

       10.  Disempowering words

       11.  Clearing

              a.  Pitch

              b.  Breath

              c.  Sustain

       12.  Drone

       13.  Emotion

  C.   Chakras

         1. Nature of

         2. Qualities of aligned and non aligned

         3. Spiritual Hierarchy

             a.  Elements/Elementals

                  1 Earth

                  2 Water

                  3 Fire

                  4 Air

                  5 Space/Ether

             b  Nature Spirits

             c  Animals and Totems
           d  Guides            

             e  Elohim and Angels

                 Root: Purity/Astrea

                 Sacral: Arcturus/Victoria

                 Solar Plexus: Peace/Aurora

                 Heart: Heros/Amora

                 Throat: Hercules/Amazonia

                 Third Eye: Cyclopea/Virginia

                 Crown: Apollo/Lumina

             f   Archangels

                 Root: Gabriel/Hope

                 Sacral: Zadkiel/Amethyst

                 Solar Plexus: Uriel/Aurora

                 Heart: Chamuel/Charity

                 Throat: Michael/Faith

                 Third Eye: Raphael/Mary

                 Crown: Jophiel/Christine

             g   Ascended Masters

                  Root: Serapis Bey

                  Sacral: St Germain

                  Solar Plexus: Lady Nada

                  Heart: Paul the Venetian

                  Throat: El Morya

                  Third Eye: Hilarion

                  Crown: Kuthumi

                  Overseer: Metatron


              h  Higher Self

         4   Quick Chakra Tune Up

              a  Tones and Drones

              b  Songs

         5   Mantra

         6   Chant

         7   Sung Mantra

         8   Proclamations




           9   Empowerments

              a  Fiats

              b  Decrees

              c  Invocations

              d  Call Ins

        10  Affirmations

              a  Nature of/qualities

              b  Create own

        11  Extensive Chakra Tune Up (Cds)

   D  Energy Block

          1   Flow

               a  Meridians and acupressure

               b  EFT

               c  Morter march

               d  Five Tibetans

               e  Kundalini Yoga

               f  Tai Chi Chuh

               g  Mudras

               h  Chi Gung

               i   Yoga Asanas

               j   Nada Yoga       

         2    Expression

              a  Grounding

              b  Clearing

              c  Donna Eden Exercises

              d  Do In

              e  Movement

              f  Improvisation

              g  Dance

              h  Intentional Movement

                  1   Sacred Geometric shapes

                  2   Atlantean Ritual

             i   Spiritual Community Dancing

   E  Singing Block

        1   Mechanics of

        2    Voice Exercises

        3   Rhythm

        4   Key

        5   Pitch

        6   Meter

        7   Melody

        8   Harmony

        9   Songwriting

             a   Words/lyrics

             b   Intentional Songs

                  1   Healing
                  2   Empowering

The financial investment for Sound Waves Inner Mystery School, Level One is $795. You can make a one time payment or contact Mark for suggested payment plans of 2 or 4 payments.

You will be sent a link at the beginning of each month giving you access to the new block. Periodic phone check ins, as well as email communications are available. There will also be large group phone conferencing.

Questions can be addressed via email or phone: 1.877.427.5855

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Sound Waves Inner Mystery School, Level One Launching January 1, 2015