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With brother, Greig, and friends at 3 years old in Colorado SpringsMark Stanton Welch is a musician, a singer/songwriter, a performer, an  educator, a facilitator, a visionary, a sound healer and a vibrational  alchemist.  For over 25  years his creations have touched and inspired the  hearts, minds, and spirits of New Thought audiences worldwide.  With guitar,  keyboard, drum and voice, Mark has interacted with individuals and groups from  children to teens to adults to the wise ones.

Mark served as music director at Unity Church in San Luis Obispo, California for  15 years.  He now travels internationally to provide musical support for New  Thought Conferences and churches and his own workshops.  His 13 years as an  elementary classroom teacher gives him the sensitivity and skills to work with  the youth.  A long held dream to write music for authors and accompany them at workshops has been realized in a current association with intuitive, Sonia Choquette. He has also appeared on stage with Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Joan Borysenko, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Don Miguel Ruiz,  Alan Cohen, John Holland, Sondra Ray, Robin Reiter, and Lucia Capacchione.

Mark is prolific in his creations and enjoys writing songs and creating music specifically for an event.  He has created many partner and group songs that invite participants to share, dance and connect more deeply and profoundly.   Concerts are a combination of presentation and interactive songs.

Mark's many workshops are contemporary, relevant and interactive.  He uses his music to create an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, which, in turn, encourages willingness to risk.  Activities involve all of the senses and learning styles of the participants.  He facilitates the experience and massages it to meet the intuited needs of those involved, often spontaneously. With Mark's extensive experience as music director of the San Luis Obispo, CA  Unity Church, he is an excellent guestMark in the 80's with Martin Guitar musician at other churches.

In addition, Mark can assist you in opening your voice to its fullest expression in his Voice Recovery process. Individualized lessons as well as weekend intensives are available.

Following an extensive personal study of sound and vibration Mark has created the Vibrational Attunement process to realign individuals to their frequencies of wholeness. Working together we create a CD set that uses your voice and meditation and chant and rhythm and subliminals and sound healing to fine tune a personalized program of manifestation.

Mark has created and is facilitating around the country, the Good Vibrations Celebration, to raise the individual and collective vibrations of the group. Through sound, voice, chant, mantra, movement, spiritual dance, and improvisation he creates a celebration of living and a new vibrational resonance that does not leave the participants.

Mark’s devotion to the power of sound and vibration has inspired him to create an online and in person year long sound alchemy school, Sound Waves Inner Mystery School,  that is set to launch in 2014.

Monthly, Mark facilitates a conference call hour long chakra cleanse. He has already archived over 15 such experiences for download. Individual clearing sessions can be had over the phone or in person through his Vibrational Re-Alignment.

Just launched is a first-of-it’s-kind course, Healing Music Musician’s Training. This online 12 session course teaches established musicians how to apply specific principles to their songwriting to elevate the vibration of their creation in high vibrational healing music.

He has also created a unique one on one guided empowerment process available for individuals willing to come to the Central California Coast for up to one week to immerse themselves in a remarkable journey to Rebirth the I AM. Participants are taken on site in sacred and power-filled locations throughout the central coast to experience inspired and guided activities that will clear old vibrations and pave the way for the desired life.

Check out also the variety of unique and relevant services and courses for individuals and groups.Have a healing song written for you. Commission  background music for your meditation or have him compose an original theme song for your presentations or business. Secure environmental backgrounds for your projects.  Subscriptions for an array of timely information are also available.

Mark continues to devote his focus and energy to working with sound and vibration to assist others in reawakening their true potential.

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