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Knowing that all is vibration allows us to consciously change that which does not serve our highest good, on all levels. The more we practice this, the more we will see the specific forms of living change for each of us. The challenge is to, quite literally, change the way we perceive and experience the world. These choices require a bit of a learning curve as the old ways are quite entrenched in the body energetics and cells. In fact, the perception, based on learnings and experience under that agreed-upon paradigm is quite embedded in our subconscious self. We, in a real sense, must be re-programmed.

Mark has a series of services that can assist you in changing your vibration self to open the thoroughfare to reclaiming the greater truth of who you are, unencumbered by the misinformation and debris of the past.

Please click each of the service links below to explore the variety of Mark’s service that can effectively assist you.

Voice Recovery

Vibrational Attunement

Healing Music Musician Training


Sound Healing Sessions

Chakra Clearing Conference Calls

Listen can you feel it…the New Vibration
Dancing in the cells bringing Light and Truth
Offer no resistance let the frequencies infuse
Oscillate, celebrate, be renewed
Open up to receive
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Music for Every Soul

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