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Unless you have been asleep, you have no doubt felt the quickening of vibration in these times. Everything is amplified and sped up and certainly, change is happening at a pace that keeps us in a heightened state of awareness. Essentially this bathing of energy comes from higher realms at a specific time when mass transformation is just what is needed to shift the old forms and bring us into a new time of greater clarity and power and love. The less we pay attention to the forms around us the more sane we will be. More than any time before the saying, it ain't what it seems, applies. How are you handling these accelerated times? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are long held emotions rising like waves to wash over your formerly comfortable life? Do you fell uncertainty because of what is going on around you as well as the feelings and sensations that seem to be invading your being?

Or do you, despite it all, feel like something important is happening  to you and all around you? Do you feel strangely empowered and notice that some things that used to be major simply do not matter anymore? Do you feel a sense of anticipation about personal changes that seem to be just around the corner? Do you feel motivated to do everything you can to support this change within?

Perhaps you are hungering for something that could support you vibrationally? Something you could use that would raise your vibrations to harmonize with the new frequencies? Something you could use that would keep you vibrating in this new space? Something that was created just for you based upon specific energies and frequencies uniquely required by you?

If so, you may be interested in a Vibrational Attunement...

Along with the energies showering upon and through us comes new awareness in using old technologies in new ways. Additionally, new perspectives and new applications not experienced before are also finding their way into consciousness. Vibrational Attunement is a blending of sound healing, music therapy, ancient mystery school practices,  and shamanic techniques utilizing traditional and found instruments as well as the magnificent synthesized music technology that exists today.

A Vibrational Attunement will result in personalized musical, spoken word, and sound cds that will shift your personal vibrations to eradicate that which is not in alignment with your true being. Issues like weight, love and partnership, abundance and prosperity, fearful living, anger and rage, life's work and purpose can all be traced to stagnant vibrations that interfere with your specific and unique frequency of health and power and alignment. The old ways of change are being replaced by faster more efficient and more effective means based strictly on working with and altering frequencies of vibration within you. The old, hard way of struggle against and the over analysis of obstacles and inner demons is no longer a viable path. If you truly want to change your life you must simply change your vibration. A Vibrational Attunement will do this.


“I found the Vibrational Attunement CD to be a great benefit in focusing my energy to create the life of my dreams. It has helped me draw people and situations to me for support and assistance while at the same time releasing those things that no longer serve me. I enjoyed working with Mark, he was able to witness me and put into words a dynamic flow to facilitate my greatest dreams and aspirations. I look forward to the second one!”...Sharla Rae Kaster

“Just wanted to let you know your Vibrational Attunements CD has been a tremendous tool for accessing the next greatest version of myself.  As a person who is always trying to better and recreate myself, your Vibrational Attunement helped me work through areas that I had been stuck in for years. What can I say but that it is a powerful tool that has helped me on my way.  I loved that the attunement  was personally created for me and that you worked with me to target the areas in which I felt stuck  or needed support.  I feel like I have made great strides in moving into and  living my dreams and not just watching them in my mind anymore...My kids loved that I listen to the CDs because I was so much calmer afterwards!   I have experienced  the generic affirmations CDs and they are nothing like what you experience with your  personal  Vibrational Attunements.  I would like to order my second Vibrational Attunement for  the next step in my journey and I would like to order one for my teenage daughter to assist her on  her  path.”...Tracy Barton Nicholas

A Vibrational Attunement consists of the following:

In addition, your attunement CD will be accompanied by:


The Vibrational Attunement, consisting of  the consultation, attunement CDs, list of power statements, and 4 additional Mark Welch recordings
can be purchased for $495.

Initial payment of $200 required while remaining $295 is due upon
your receipt of the Attunement.

Payable via Visa or MasterCard or AMEX or Discover by phone at (1.877.427.5855)
 or online through PAYPAL.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Now accepting orders

For more information:

 or contact Mark at 1.877.427.5855

To put your name on a first come/first serve waiting list  

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The following Payment Boxes are to be used only by those

who have agreed to and begun their Vibrational Attunement

through personal communication with Mark

after clicking on the link above...

The following Payment Boxes are to be used only by those who have agreed to and
 begun their Vibrational Attunement through personal communication
with Mark after clicking on the link above...

Vibrational Attunement Initial Payment of $200

Vibrational Attunement Completion Payment of $295

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