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Music is a potent vibrational vehicle. It impacts the cells through the very act of vibration. It influences them, energizes them, soothes them, nourishes them, or… challenges them, confronts, them, damages them…depending on the music itself.

We all know music that makes us feel good. And we know music we do not like…at all. What is the difference. It is more than just the rhythm, the tonal structure, the feel, the arrangement, the lyric, the story. Though, for most, this is what they go on to make their listening and purchasing decisions.

Beyond these important elements lie the deep keys to the impact of music: the key, the melody, the harmony, the pulse, and the intention of the composer.

Combine all of these elements and you have music that heals. Conscious intention creates specific sound that cleanses, clears, transforms, awakens, reactivates, inspires, elevates, empowers, and, yes, heals.

Listening to, engaging, singing with, moving/dancing with these creations causes inner and outer change. It addresses cellular issues. It helps to release energetic debris from the past woundings. Healing music brings new perspectives that find their way into the thought patterns, producing new beliefs, and eventually, helping to  re-align the subconscious mind to bring new forms to one’s life.

For over 20 years, Mark’s creations have impacted the listener in powerful ways. Experience the possibilities by following the links to the right. Explore new ways of listening, opening and receiving…to discover music that heals.

Your music has been a true friend. Over the years i have struggled with love and affection not only from my family but myself. It led me to leading a life filled with rebellion, anger, and pain. i cant tell tell you how much your music has helped me. There have been times where id like to just throw my hands in the air and call it quits, and then id hear one of your songs, cry it out and suddenly feel at peace. I don't have many people who i may lean on, and that is why i call your music my friend. When no one was there your music was, so thank you. Love, Alana

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