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Chakras are revolving, conically-shaped, “wheels of light” that function as multi-dimensional portals within our subtle energy bodies to take in and process higher vibrational frequencies so that they may be assimilated properly and used to transform the physical body. These wheels regulate, maintain, and manage the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being.

Each chakra, emanating from the front and the back, holds a particular frequency of health and balance. When we ignore the natural process of the energy bodies to maintain balance by releasing “unwanted energies”, the chakras begin to slow their vibration leading to progressive conditions that can ultimately manifest in the physical. The clogging is the lengthy result of not paying attention to the initially subtle tappings of the body wisdom to release any unexpressed and withheld energy.

It would follow, then, that it would be highly desirable to support the innate cleansing process to keep the chakras purring. Second best would be to develop the awareness and sensitivity to monitor the body wisdom callings to release as necessary. Having ignored these two, then one can make great strides in reclaiming balance by focusing on  purposely cleansing and strengthening each chakra.

Chakra tune ups that address the maintenance of  the chakras are desirable and potent. However, sometimes one is in need of a frequency immersion for a particularly slow moving chakra.

Thus, the creation of the Chakra Immersion Series. This unique and groundbreaking  series allows you to  drench a chakra in nurturing frequencies. Just select the chakra and put it on in the background and allow the frequencies and songs and chants to bring you back to resonance.

Each of the seven Chakra Immersion Cds contains the following specific chakra based tones:

Available as CD for purchase, MP3 complete album download, as a single chakra or as the complete set of seven. Click on the cd cover to access play list, samples, and ordering/downloading instructions.

Chakra Root

Chakra Sacral

Chakra Solar Plexus

Chakra Heart

Chakra Throat

Chakra Brow

Chakra Crown


Complete Set

Of CDs


Complete Set




Root Chakra CD Sacral Chakra CD

Individual CDs   $16.00

Individual Download MP3 album   $9.99

Not available as single song downloads

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