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Using music as a vibrational tool that can influence an energetic condition involves some very specific time-honored ancient methods as well as some leading edge applications. Music, in all its forms, has always had a vibrational effect on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit of the listener. That effect can be directed and amplified by applying the very tools taught in this unique 12 step interactive training course.

The participant will have online access to the PDF and audio files that address these topics:

Investment: $495
Payment plans available

To enroll in the course or for more information please click on the following button

Once you have decided to enroll in  the course and paid your investment, you will be given links to the course lessons. You will have access to one new  lesson every Wednesday for 12 weeks. In this manner you can digest the information and apply it to your music. If you desire, you can request access to all lessons up front.

You will be entitled to 1-30 minute phone consultation with Mark as you desire. Email interaction is also offered (allow 48 hour response window) Details sent upon enrollment.

Mail: Music Musician Mentoring

“We trust that the magic of sound, scientifically applied, will contribute in even greater measure to the relief of human suffering,to a higher development and a richer integration of the human personality, to the harmonious synthesis of all human ‘notes’ of all ‘group chords and melodies’— until there will be the greater symphony of the One Humanity.”  –Robert Assagioli, M.D.


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