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4 Day Weekend Intensive
Thursday through Sunday in San Luis Obispo, CA
January 2016

Online Workshop via phone and Skype
June 2015
(details TBA)

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Contact Mark at 877.427.5855 for more information

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Class cycles begin every  6 months.
Second class cycle commences on July 2015

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Lessons are dispensed online or via PDF files at the beginning of the block. You will be notified with a link that requires your personal password to access the learnings. Adobe Reader is required.

Where needed audio examples in MP3 format will be provided with the lessons at the appropriate location.

As necessary to demonstrate a process or technique downloadable video files will be provided as well.

Each block has a varied number of components. You can access them as a block or one at a time depending on your learning style.

Upon completion of the course work and demonstration of use of skills at the required weekend, you will be certified as having completed course work. You are then free to apply the skills and information as you are guided.

This is a thorough course filled with information and personal experience and new insights. You will have more than a foundation in working with sound. The course work will open you up and clear your own vibration and reinforce your personal guidance channels. These times are asking a great deal of those who are willing to be present to their power. It is a glorious opportunity. I encourage you to enroll now.


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Introduction to Sound Healing