Building on the foundation provided in Level One, Level Two gives you the tools and the practice with the tools that are the palette of the Sound Alchemist. Knowing how sound works, you are now ready to expand into other forms of vibrational healing. Learning the intentional power of music is another skill that will round out your training.

In this level, you will learn of the myriad of instruments and techniques available to the complete Sound Alchemist. Finally, you will learn how to orchestrate your sessions to fully meet the needs of a client. Practice in all of these areas will culminate with a 4 day practicum in San Luis Obispo, California in November of 2012.

Please note: Level One completion is prerequisite to Level Two enrollment

Level Two also consists of 6 lesson blocks taught over a six month period. As all information is downloadable on the first of each month, you can proceed at your own pace, reviewing the information as often as you feel necessary. Study questions at the end of each block will help you to review that which is critical in your training.

Upon completion of Level Two and attendance at the San Luis Obispo practicum you will be be certified as a Sound Alchemist.

Curriculum for Level Two

F  Sound Healing Tools Block

        1   Acoustic

            a  Drums

            b  Quartz    

            c Tibetan Bowls

            d Rattles

            e Bells and gongs

            f Tuning Forks

            g Voice

            e Instruments

               1 Guitar

               2 Harp

               3 Harmonium

               4 Piano/Keyboard

               5 Dulcimer

               6 Autoharp

               7 Mineral Specimens

               8 Crystals

         2    Electronic Sound Tools

               a  Tamboura in a box

               b  Band in a box

               c Jam man looper

               d  Drum Machine

               e  Mixer/Speakers

               f   Synthesizers

                   1  Tunings

                   2  Drones

                   3  Pads

                   4  Loops

               g  CDs/music

          3  Esoteric Sound Tools

               a  Atlantean Chants

               b  Angel Tones

               c  Tai Chi Sounds

               d  Shri Yantra

               e  NASA space sounds

               f  Kabala

               g  Names of God

               h  Divination

                  1  Runes

                  2  Tarot

                  3  Guidance

           4  Computer Sound Tools

               a   Software

                    1   No Rift Rife

                    2   Atmospheres

                    3   Subliminal Power

                    4   Brainwaves Suite

                    5   Audition 3

                    6   CD Burner Program

                    7   Misc

                         a   Planet Tones

                         b   Mineral Tones

                         c   Botanical Tones

                         d   Tone Generator

                         e   Voice to Voice---missing                           frequencies

                         f    Botanical/flower essence                           frequencies

   G   Color Block

          1   Nature of color

          2   Qualities of each

          3    Resources

                a   Light Tools

                b  Cloths/pareos

    H   Senses Block

          1    Touch

                a   Hand massage

                b   Energy

                c   Acupressure

          2    Visual

                a  Mandalas

                b  Pictures

                c  Holy Individuals

                d  Fractals

                e  Computer Graphics

                f   Color

                g  Symbols

                h  Nature

                 i  Space

                 j  meditations

                k  guided visualizations

          3    Smell

                a  aromatherapy

                b  herbs

               c Essential Oils

          4   Taste

                a Ayurveda

                b  Fruits

          5    Hearing

                a Frequencies

                b Nature Ambiance

                c Inner Sounds

                d Music

     I   Music Therapy Block

          1    Nature of

          2    Styles of music and their effects

          3    Keys and their effects

          4    Lyrics and their effects

          5    Melody and their effects

          6    Rhythm and their effects

          7    Music

                a   Classical

                     1 Resource List

                     2 Resource CDs

                b   Ethnic

                     1 Resource List

                     2 Resource Cds

                c   New Age

                     1 Resource List

                     2 Resource Cds

       J  Resources Block

         1     Bibliography

         2     Discography

         3     Recordings

               a   Atmospheres

               b   Rhythms

               c   Drones

               d   Keys

                    1 major

                    2 Minor

               e   Vocal

      K  Sound Healing Sessions

          1    Ambiance

               a   5 elements

               b   7 directions

               c   nature kingdoms

                    1 plant

                    2 animal

                    3 mineral

               d   Water

               e   Fragrance

               f   Color

               g   Space clearing

          2   Ethics and Professional Guidelines

          3   Session Elements

               a   Interview

               b   guidance

               c    setting intention

               d   Prayer and proclamation

               e   Call in of guides

               f   Name speak

               g   Voice

               h   Tuning Forks

               i    Tones

               j    Bowls

               k   Drums

               l    Rattles

              m   music

                    1 Drone

                    2 Intentional Songs

              n   Movement

              o   Color

              p   Guided Visualization

              q   Recording

The financial investment for Sound Waves Inner Mystery School, Level Two is $795. You can make a one time payment or contact Mark for suggested payment plans of 2 or 4 payments.

You will be sent a link at the beginning of each month giving you access to the new block. Periodic phone check ins, as well as email communications are available. There will also be large group phone conferencing.

Questions can be addressed via email or phone: 1.877.427.5855

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Sound Waves Inner Mystery School, Level Two Launching July 1, 2015