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Let these special creations assist you in clearing away limited thinking in conscious and subconscious realms. Using sound vibration principles these unique empowerments may be just what you need to shift a long held pattern and free your moments to higher vibrational living.

Need a getaway? Wouldn’t an inner vacation that not only relaxes you but, also, empowers and clears you, be just the ticket. Download these unique empowerment visualizations. Not just your ordinary meditation, they are packed with additional mantras, chants, intentional songs, affirmative statements, rhythm, background music, and energetic clearings. Kind of like an inner spa treatment.

Join Mark as he sings you through a themed experience. These videos feature live versions of songs that have a collective purpose. Interspersed with images that amplify the theme and invite you into a full experience.

Come explore the fascinating world of chants that get you out of your own way to clear you for doing that which you desire to do. These multi-ethnic chants change your vibration and soften your edges. Download and start singing with them right now.

Access the power of mantra to change your inner and outer vibration. A variety of spoken mantra treatments and new sung mantras will clear your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical energetic fields.

Join Mark for a thematic journey that will support your well-being and nourish you on all levels. These hour long programs present songs, mantras, chants, affirmative statements, and stories to assist you in reclaiming your now moment. Let go and experience and cleansing that will lift you into a light space.

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Music for Every Soul

Purchase and download a host of CDs that address aspects of sound healing. Download whole CDs or select the cuts you want to make a custom blend.

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