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Are you a speaker or workshop facilitator? Do you record meditations, guided visualizations, or stories. If so, you may have need for a variety of backgrounds. Environmental scenarios are powerful ambiances to create a mood or vibration. They can be the perfect thing for spoken word.

Perhaps you are into making brainwave recordings and need specific frequencies and washes. You may even want those to be somewhat masked behind the ambiance.

Maybe it’s a drone in a particular key you are looking for. Mark can do keys in major or minor, or can base it on a particular tuning, or scale.

He can create all of these and more. You can even request special ambiances that combine water with bird sounds, or wind with rain, or….

You can order from the growing list of natural ambiances or request your own . They can be delivered in a variety of formats including wav, MP3, AIFF, etc.

If it is something musical you require then visit the Original Background Music page.

Listen to the ambiance and decide which you desire to purchase. Make your purchase. Then, Email me with the names and the preferred format. I shall convert and make them available to you for shipping within 48 hours.

Most ambiances are 20 minutes in length. Please talk to me about specific length adjustments in your email contact.


Listen to Sample in player below
Choose your Ambiance
Click title to order

Summer Day 1

Summer Day 2

Summer Day 3

Summer Day Stream


Sunrise on the Farm

Sunset at the Beach

Beach 1

Beach 2

Beach 3 with Gulls

Gentle Rain

Rainstorm with thunder


Wind and Rain

Down at the Farm

Jungle Morning

Lake Evening

Campfire Evening

Forest Stream 1

Forest Stream 2

Waterfall 1

Waterfall 2

Birds 1

Birds 2

Lake Morning

Lily Pond

Mountain Stream

Mountain Storm

Ocean with Whales

River 1

River 2

River 3

Woodland Afternoon

Woodland Evening

Alpha Brainwave

Beta Brainwave

Delta Brainwave

Theta Brainwave

Brainwave Background

Please decide the type of brainwave you desire. Email me with your preferences for the variables below:

Custom made drone is $25
regardless of length

$40 to embed the brainwave
into your drone

Brainwave Characteristics

Brainwave         w/Drone

Drone Background

Please decide the characteristics of the drone you would like and then email me by clicking the link at the bottom of the column.

In your email indicate:

Custom made drone is $25
regardless of length

$40 to embed the brainwave
into your drone

please indicate if you want the brainwave subliminal, barely audible, or fully audible

Drone Characteristics

Click to order drone

Click to order drone with Brainwave
include brainwave characteristics

$8.95 each

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