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I have devoted my last seven years to researching and experimenting with the power of sound and music to reinforce teaching content and to quickly and significantly alter personal vibration. I have seen how well-intentioned music can clear blockages and free one from long held patterns of behavior. I have seen how music of the right vibration can create a healing ambiance in any space.

Having worked in many workshop settings on my own and with renowned psychic, Sonia Choquette, PhD., I have watched how miracles can happen and lives and passion can be reclaimed. We have worked in spas and retreat centers and found that when these ideas and techniques are applied to those who are receiving body work and releasing their energetic baggage, the effect is amplified.

Thus, I have created a consultant practice that would spend a weekend or a period of  time up to a  week at a your setting raising the vibration of the place, the clients,  and the staff to levels resonant with your intentions.  The energetic benefits are long-lasting and reclaimable upon command as the raised vibrations of the cells hold the memory of the experience.

When all elements in the spa or retreat center are in alignment energetically with content being shared or with the stated purpose of the center, people keep coming back, as there is that special “something” they feel.

As a consultant, I would provide the following in my duration at the location: (click on each)

For the Clients

Additional Fee Based Experiences

For the Staff

Equipment Utilized

"I received the gift of your offering of sound today at Sonia's workshop. I thanked you for the very important work you are doing at the end. I bought 2 of your CD's and I've got to tell you that "my cup runneth over!" My body has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly 30 years now. I feel supercharged and overjoyed with a surge of life and love - I completely forgot what that feeling was like! Thank you Mark for your bright sparkling light - sometimes being contagious is a good thing!!"...Jill

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