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“I have had the distinct privilege of creating one of a kind songs for people who had specific challenges, needs, or situations. Some were created for specific healing intentions. Others were celebrating or marking a life event like a wedding, funeral, or the birth of a child. Still others were written to tell a story of one’s life. It was an honor to be able to tune into the supportive vibration and follow the guidance of the unseen world to create the song that fed the ones who called.”

     —Mark Stanton Welch

A personal song is just that…personal. Music in song can have a profound vibrational impact on the listener. When the song is about you, using your name, telling your story…it is remarkable. It can feed and nourish, empower and inspire, heal and cleanse, celebrate and acknowledge. It is a unique expression to honor yourself or another.

The Process:

Email Mark

Personal Song

Includes interview, writing of song, recording of song, and delivery

Starting at $250

Sample lyrics (click title)
Linda’s Garden
Owen and Jeanne
These Threads of Life
The Lady Is Sleeping

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