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Mark has been a professional musician for over 35 years. He has been a singer/songwriter for most of that time, penning over a thousand songs during that journey. His devotion to the impact of the song has led him to a deep exploration of the nature of sound and vibration and using music as a healing modality. Thus, he has amassed many resources, tools, and techniques that he can bring to any event.

He can support your event at a wide variety of levels:

Mark has worked with speakers, authors, teachers, groups, causes, and corporations to elevate their impact vibrationally in workshops, classrooms, on stages, at major events with large audiences, in small groups, at retreats, at conferences, in bookstores, and in living rooms. He is comfortable and professional wherever he is.

With over twentyyears of providing musical support for speakers and authors, Mark provides a unique and impactful level of musical support that goes far beyond simple background or transition filler. Certainly, with so many songs penned, he could provide a beautiful and heart opening set of material that would elevate the speaker’s impact and the receptivity of the audience. And that would be powerful enough.

It is when the speaker or facilitator wants more that Mark’s true gifts come into play:

If you, as a presenter, want to use music in a powerful way to increase the depth and impact of your message, you could do no better than to engage the heart and music of Mark Stanton Welch.

For booking information and rates please contact Mark at: 1.877.427.5855 extension 3 Or Email Mark

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