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September of 2013 was my first visit to Sound Connections Conference at the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri. There I had the privilege to share and connect with over a hundred New thought musicians from Unity and Center for Spiritual Living Churches all over the country. What a delight it was to hear such beautiful music and share musically with so many fine musicians.

I had the opportunity to facilitate morning Chants and a workshop on Integrating Chant into the church music program. On Thursday night I shared the stage with David Roth and Michael Gott presenting three songs apiece. I truly enjoyed the experience.

What follows are lists of the Chants/Mantras/Intentional Songs used in the Morning Chanting; notes on the workshop; and links to the three songs shared by me in the Presenter's Concert. I include lyrics, chords and a 30 second sample for each.

Additionally, I have included some giveaway music to support your program…out of appreciation for being invited to the conference.

Morning Chant Sessions
click on title to access lyric and chords
listen to samples of each in the player below

As Long As We have Love

Carry That Load

Cradle Me

Heart Please Open



Hung Vajra Peh

I Can Tell

I Do What Gives Me Life

Life Is Good

My Life Is Unwritten*

Om Gum Ganapatayea Namaha

Prayer for Protection

Shanti Praschanti Sarva Bhaya

Shanti Praschanti Sarva Krodha

Thank You for Loving Me

Wani Wachialo

Wichi Ti Ti

We Are All Travelers*

*Not recorded yet

Integrating Chant/Mantra and Intentional Song
notes from the class

Chant Characteristics

Mantra Characteristics

Intentional Song Characteristics


Of further interest:

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Mark’s Musical Services
Interested in booking Mark for your service, event, program, or workshop?

Additional Resources

For chants please refer to the CD, Chants

For mantras please refer to the CDs, Mantras, and Sung Mantras

For intentional songs please refer to any of the following CD’s:

Simple Living
You Have the Power
Twelve Powers
Building My Field of Dreams
Alive I Am
Dance Your Spirit
Sing Your Heart’s Desire
Songs for the Psychic Pathway
True Balance
In the Now
NEW! Music Sequences for Youth Programs Volume One
NEW! Complete Chakra Clearing

Please also explore the songbook/reference CD sets::
Songs for Young Children
Songs for Teen and  Adult Group Singing

NEW Intention Song Lead Sheets Volume One and Two

Presenter’s Concert
Lyrics, chords, sample, and purchase link

Born     Download

Love the One You’re With  Download

Cal     Download

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“Enter this time of Holy Invitation   To celebrate Life   A billion years we have been in preparation
Well now the time is here for us to free up every part of us   Step into the Whole of What We Are”
-From, A Better Time, by Mark Stanton Welch.

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