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Resources for Early Teen Programs Let me support your event with music that will elevate the vibration and open hearts For booking information and rates please contact Mark at: 1.877.427.5855 extension 3 Or Email Mark

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Please submit a testimonial about how the music of Mark Stanton Welch has impacted you or your program. Also let us know how you have used the songs/chants/mantras

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Ten Tips for Incorporating
Intentional Songs, Chants, and Mantras
into work
with early teens
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Free Items for Download




Lead Sheet

with lyrics, chords, and translation

Listen to samples in player below

Apache Power Chant

Ele Ele Tao Mai
Gate Gate
Hung Vajra Peh

Om Mane Padme Hum
Shanti Prashanti Sarva Bhaya
Shanti Prashanti Sarva Krodha
Wani Wachialo
Wa Taho
We Circle Around
Wichi Ti Ti

click to access mantras and translation sheet

Generic Camp Songs

This is a start to gathering camp songs sung at youth rallies. Click the link above to access the growing list. Feel free to submit one’s you know to help the list grow by clicking on the link below. Include any info about the song that you can.

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Specific Event Resources

NW Region Uniteens Summer Camp Ritual 2011: The Wisdom of Us

NW Region Uniteens Summer Camp Ritual 2012: We Are the Journey
Director Reference Pack   Song and Chant Reference   Student Reference Pack

NW Region Uniteens Summer Camp Ritual 2013: The One
     Camp Director   Counselor Resource Pack   Traveler Resource Page

Spiritual Community Dances
click for lyric, chords, and dance steps

Mark Stanton Welch Dances

God in Every Face



You Are Beautiful

Native American Dances

Apache Power Chant

Wa Taho

We Circle Around

Hindu/Buddhist Dances

Gate Gate


Additional Resources

Mark Stanton Welch CDs
Simple Living
Life Is Good
You Have the Power
Hello World
Sung Mantras
Music Sequences for Youth Programs Volume One

Songs for Teens and Adult Singing
Intentional Songs Vol. 1 and 2

Leadsheets for a growing number of songs

Available Soon

We are all travelers moving through life  We choose our own roads guided by Inner Light
The steps we are taking we must take alone To reclaim the truth
and to find our way home    home     to find our way home

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Four 5 song sets of original songs to support your Sunday morning youth program. Loosely theme based, these songs address key elements in the flow of your morning experience. Can be used to focus the lesson, as discussion starting points, as transitions…
Volume 1 of 3 intended. Click the cover for more info, samples and to order.

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