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Living and expressing gratitude is a profoundly powerful process that assures ascension and a life of clarity, balance, and multilevel prosperity. Adopting an attitude of gratitude softens the impact of moments and creates an open heart that easily radiates loving empathy, compassion, and peace. Let me provide you with a gratitude process that delivers to you a powerful exercise. Once a week on Wednesday you will receive the online link to your gratitude ritual that will be practiced daily until the following Wednesday when the new one is revealed.

Each exercise has a topic for focus, a narrative and explanation about the topic, a description of the activity, and the specific Words of Gratitude to speak out loud to the Universe. Over the year you will receive 52 separate Gratitude exercises that will alter your life is profound ways. Take control of your manifestation of inner peace and subscribe today

Sample Gratitude

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Subscriptions Bi Monthly Newsletter Subscription Weekly Gratitude and More Weekly Gratitudes : A Second Helping Mark at San Simeon Beach in the sunset glow I wanted to thank you for creating the song "If I Weren't Afraid". Every word in the song resonates with me. I just finished listening to it again and it has such an impact on me. It will be an integral part of my 'spiritual pathway'! -Nancy I just want you to know how much  your music has impacted our lives! Thank you so much for your contributions to our happiness!! -Barbara On a side note this has got to be one of the most powerful chants I have ever done. after the 5 min my whole body is trembling and I am filled with so much love I can't even sit for a few hours. Thank you for your amazing gifts!- Heather Brilliant Sky Over Lighhthouse

There are multiple opportunities to subscribe to services provided by Mark. Some are free of charge and some require a one time yearly renewable fee. Explore the possibilities and make your choice to subscribe to one or more. Fee based services will allow for you to access password protected pages.

Please know that any information you share is for this site’s use. No email addresses will be shared with anyone else.

Please click on any of the available subscription buttons to subscribe now. Once subscribed you will receive an email receipt and a link to the general login page. On your initial visit, click, “sign up” to provide your username and password. You will be sent an activation email with your login information. Return to the login page, click the title of the subscription you are visiting, and fill in your login info to view your subscription.  Please remember to log out after each visit to each subscription page.

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Living in De·Light

In these unparalleled times of change, expansion, and reawakening, every human is being bathed in higher frequency vibration. As we open to new awareness and release old beliefs, wounds, and energetic baggage, we are being gifted by the creative force with new ideas, skills, and tools to lighten our daily lives. Learning about and using these new tools will expand and improve your experience of life. You are invited to receive a new gift each Thursday in this year long subscription. Receive 52 gifts with suggestions for applying them for only $57

If you are ready to access all that you are being given and use it to navigate this time of change to reclaim a life of greater balance, clarity, and joy, then Living in DeLight is for you. Go now to experience the First Gift. If you resonate you can subscribe to the De Light Full journey there. Click the link below to access your free first gift.


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Chant/Mantra of the Week

Humans have been chanting and using mantra for thousands of years. Both are intentional activities using the voice and an affirmative statement, sacred phrase, or holy name to alter one's consciousness. Chant has traditionally been sung in the native language while mantra has been spoken in a sing song way often over a bed of music.


You now have the opportunity to subscribe to Chant/Mantra of the Week, which will provide a new online MP3 for you to download every Tuesday morning for 52 weeks. Drawn from many cultures, these powerful tools will deliver a new vibration to your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to flow in a smoother, more peaceful state during these times of change. Click below to experience one chant Then subscribe for $57 and begin to collect the chants and mantras that will unify your energies with intentions used successfully for thousands of years.

Chant/Mantra of the Week   Click for a free MP3 download

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List of 52 Chants, Mantras, and Intentional Songs

Solid on the Earth

In this Earthly dimension we incarnate into the physical form upon this powerful, magnificent planet. By design, we have a deep and constant contact and communication with our Mother Earth. The process of consciously maintaining a solid connection is referred to as grounding. To be grounded is to be fully in our physical body, with our faculties and clarity available for use in any of our moments., thus maintaining a balance.

Staying grounded is amplified by attention and action. The more one attends to this essential purpose the more one is present to meet the unique forms of living that are laid at our feet. Since this dimension is that which requires the physical body as our vehicle of travel, the necessity of being connected allows consistent, supported flow. Strong foundation  supports all the energy bodies and successive chakras. The more one tends the foundation, the stronger the house, the more our higher vibrational self is available to experience the nuances of living. In truth, work done in the root chakra clears the channels to the crown, opening each to its frequency of wholeness.

Solid on the Earth is a journey of returning to the body and the whole self through practice. Each week you will be given a ne technique to ground to the Earth until you have 52. This is a year well spent. Subscribe NOW.

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How-to Articles

These are new times of new vibration that require new skills. Let those who have been on the path share information and strategies to make more fluid your own reawakening.

Want instruction in how to apply life affirming, high frequency activity into your moments of living? Subscribe now to the 27 separate articles/techniques and receive one every two weeks to put into action in your life. These are relevant and cutting edge, giving you new, empowered ways to be fully present . Follow the link above to access these change support resources. Available for $5.00 each or as a subscription for all 27 for $67. Do the math…a deal you will celebrate when you put the techniques and suggestions into the flow of your life!

Get a flavor of some of the articles by clicking on “Article Excerpts” Then follow the link below to get started on these guides to living in the flow.

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Weekly Empowerments

The spoken word is the tool of manifestation, energetically aligned with the cosmic to magnetize the necessary materials and circumstance and players to alchemize into being that which we desire. It is not to be taken lightly. One’s speech must be monitored to insure that we do not inadvertently send requests for what we do not truly want. An affirmation is a statement of intent for a desired higher frequency positive result. It is aligned with the highest good for all involved. Knowing this we are invited to replace random verbalizations with conscious statements…this will change the forms of how life shows up for us in a relatively short amount of time, especially in these days of rapid change.

Use these statements as tools of empowerment. They work by repetition and verbalization. They are amplified by emotion and belief that they are already so. Work with them a lot and you will find your self re-programming the sub-conscious…the personal projector of your life’s forms. Have fun…

If you like what Empowerments is offering and would like to receive 4 new affirmative statements each week for 52 weeks, then consider subscribing. This one year subscription is available for only $37. That will be 208 high frequency inner directives for outer manifestation over the year’s time.

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