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Trading/Bartering for Assistance

Between my travel schedule, site maintenance, promotion, creative commitments, recording projects, client work, performance, and recovery time, I have reached a clear point where I can no longer choose to be the do-it-all-myself guy.

My historical tendency to take care of everything, established in my three week tenure in an incubator and sustained by family patterns, is much too stressful to continue doing.

As I transition into creating right conditions for me to employ managerial, marketing, and technical assistance, I am guided now to simply ask for help. In the beautiful and gratifying spirit of trades, I offer certain skills, talents, events, and product that I will happily trade for temporary service and assistance.

If you are someone who can assist me in the following ways, please contact me to negotiate a trade/barter that serves us both. Serious inquiries only, please... Click on the link to contact Mark. I will get back with you to discuss our requirements.

The fine and beautiful art of helping one another...

1.  Facebook Fan page presence and marketing  (Facebook)

2.  Twitter presence and marketing  (Twitter)

3.  Building and maintaining emailing list  (emailing list)

4.  Researching New Age/conscious/self-help music market for radio, events, organizations to integrate       and share  my music.       (Research markets)

5.  Local event promotion and support (Event support)

6.  Locating appropriate local event sites for workshops, concerts, and individual client work  (Event sites)

7.  Local event follow up to appreciate attendees (Event follow up)

8.  Posting and promotion of YOU Tube projects  (YOU Tube)

9.  Securing, promoting, and supporting House Concerts in your area  (House Concerts)

If you resonate with the idea of trading and bartering visit these great sites for more opportunities:

Planet Green

Barter and Trade Exchange
Interested in joining up with an exchange service that trades skills, services and goods with one another.

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