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Songs for the earth and the many Earth Day celebrations I and my then wife, Erin, supported. I love these songs and remember recording them just when Gabriela was born. You can hear her on the song, Air, when she says, “breathe”. One Family Gaia I Am the Mineral Water Great Nations Pure Love Save the Rainforest Air Yes, I Do One Earth...No Spare Golden Eagle Every Day Is Earth Day Pure Love CD Purchase and Individual Song Downloads

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Twelve Earth Days in a row, Mark performed for the local event in San Luis Obispo, California. Each year he wrote a new song to support the theme. The result, Pure Love, a powerful collection of songs that address the wholeness of Mother Earth, Gaia. Living on the Central Coast of California, known as the Magic Kingdom, it was easy to be inspired. The vibration of the land is palpable. The coast is said to be a resettled frequency from the fabled civilization on the island of Lemuria. The power spots are many. The sights are breathtaking. Who could not love the magnificent and beautiful Earth…listen to the samples of the earth songs and decide which to download. Reconnect with the Mother. Feclaim your place on the Earth.

I sit out under blue sky

Cradled in the valley

As the green grass tickles me

My heart does glow

I feel the pulse and the rhythm

Of the living evolution

The earth Mother kiss me

Pure Love

 I like the big green valley   

 I like the clear blue sky      

 I like the snow capped mountains

 I like the changing tides

 I like the mighty rushing river

 I like the deep deep sea

 I like the wide open desert

 I like the old oak trees

 I must remember

 Take care of her

 I must remember

 To give back to her

 Never let anybody abuse her

 Give her sweet sweet love

 Never ending love  Everywhere I go

     Yes, I Do by Mark Stanton Welch

Living on the earth

We are one family

Creatures of the earth

We are one family

I am in the rocks.

I’m in the leaves

I’m in the water, in the sky

And they are all right here in me

One family, one family, one family

     One Family, by Mark Stanton Welch

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