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CDs and downloads carrying this symbol and shown below are part of the Sound Alchemy Series Tools. This means they have been created based on ancient and cutting edge sound healing principles and will be useful in assisting you to raise your personal vibration. They are intentional healing tools that will assist in energetic clearing, energy body balancing, pattern dissolving, and positive life-affirming mental programming. Their use will impact your body, emotions, mind, and spirit in high vibration ways. Increased usage produces increased results.

Click on any of the CD covers below to access details, listen to samples, and order as shipped CD or downloads.

All CDs $16.00 shipped or $9.99 Download. For a more extensive exploration of sound healing please visit Soundhealer.

Chakra Moods in Minor Keys Chakra Moods in Major Keys Chakra Balancing: Root Chakra Balancing: Sacral

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Inward Bound CD Mantras Rhythmic Journeys Riding the Sound Current

Dance Your Spirit CD What I Currently Know Serene Soul CD Complete Chakra Clearing Energy Sung Mantras Chants


Dance Your Spirit CD Chakra Rhythms CD Soundscapes CD

Chakra Moods Minor

Chakra Moods Major

Root Chakra Balance

Sacral Chakra Balance


Inward Bound


Rhythmic Journeys

Riding the Sound Current

Sung Mantras

Dance Your Spirit

What I Currently Know

Serene Soul

Complete Chakra Clearing


The New Vibration

Chakra Rhythms


Wani Wachialo

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