Solid on the Earth

Earth Star Chakra

Up until recent times the Root Chakra was considered to be the main channel of connectivity to the Earth and all its strength and power. The process of raising planetary and personal vibration initiated in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence, the initiatory celestial event that began the 25 year cycle of transition into the Aquarian Age, has allowed new information to be revealed at a staggering pace. That we are able to hold the new frequencies is a direct testament to humankind’s collective growth (significant though we most often hear and see media reports showing only chaos and fear and confusion).

The revelation of the Earth Star Chakra ushers in a new frequency of connection with the Earth at a time when it is absolutely welcome and necessary. Use it to support a solid foundation during your personal challenges and shifts.

From 12 to 18 inches  below the feet there is an energetic plate, much like the flat  base of the green army men in the movie, Toy Story. Through this plate run two tubes of energy, one, on the left and entering the left foot and, one, on the right, exiting the right foot. Earth power and grounding energy flows through the Earth Star into the left foot and circulates through your body, clearing, cleansing, and energizing. That which is cleared and cleansed circulates down the right leg and out through the foot and Earth Star to be recycled.

This conduit of support runs constantly, though it is amplified when you bring your attention and focus to it. If you are aware of an area or chakra in your body that needs support visualize the energy moving through it in a left to right direction.

Being solid on the earth is to be able to live fully and flow with the unique experiences of these times. This is the first of a whole series of powerful grounding tools I shall offer. Use them. Check back regularly for a new tool...

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