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Resources for Art of Self Care Workshop Let me support your event with music that will elevate the vibration and open hearts For booking information and rates please contact Mark at: 1.877.427.5855 extension 3 Or Email Mark

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Repeating these chants in song over and over diminishes negative thinking patterns. Let the historical energy of each feed your cells and spirit to bring a new focus to your moments of forgetting

Apache Power Chant
Ele Ele Tao Mai
Hung vajra Peh

Om Mane Padme Hum

Shanti Prashanti Sarva Baya

Shanti Prashanti Sarva Krodha
Wani Wachialo
Wa Taho
Wichi Ti Ti

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Tools for Conscious Living (Articles)

Daily Intentional Music

Healing Music

Weekly Gratitudes

Living in De Light

I give a little Love  I give a little Light   It comes back round I feel all right  Ah, life is Good  Ah, Life is Good

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Key Elements of Self Care

Spiritual Being
   As a spiritual being having a human experience in the physical you are the automatic recipient of  all the applicable spiritual universal laws. This changes your relationship with and experience of life. Claiming it will show up in your moments of living, especially in experience, health, abundance, and peace.

Energy Body Maintenance
   Do your best to take good care of your energy bodies through the breath and energy clearing/boosting exercises. A breath pattern of 6 in, hold 4 out 8, hold 4, for 10 cycles will bring you to a relaxed state. If you need energy, use the breath of fire by breathing in and out very quickly through the nose to the belly for up to one minute. When emotion is moving,0 then use the circle breath by having no pause between the inhalation and the exhalation.  Research ways to keep your meridians in the flow through Chi Gung, Tai Chi, acupressure, and acupuncture.

Love Your Body
Stay hydrated, nourish your body by eating low on the food chain, get outdoors, sing, chant, exercise, sweat, move, dance, get sunlight, and walk barefooted.

Frequency Clearing Daily
Cleanse your energy bodies by tending each chakra, clear experiences as you have them by applying the Hung Vajra Peh mantra to protect your energy field. Keep healthy boundaries and do not go to bed with anything unsaid. Speak the words out loud to the toilet and flush when you are done. Then go to sleep with clarity and lightness. Use color and aroma wisely and consciously.

Community Building
Invite and attract like minded/like energied people and situations to you. Realize that self care raises your vibration. People of lower vibration will gradually move out of your life to be replaced by higher frequency beings who align with your new vibration.

Affirm and Proclaim Your Magnificence
Use your words to affirm and celebrate your self and life. Develop specific
affirmations to recycle. Proclaim that which your deserve and desire. Practice Gratitude, Grace, Service, and Giving. Speak your birth name often out loud.

Return to Source
Cultivate your inner world by connecting with your Higher Self as well as the etheric beings aligned to your true frequency. Meditate, reflect, chant, speak/sing mantras, and create relationship with your breath.

Energize Your Vision
Using spiritual Law you can make your intentions known by speaking them out loud and surrendering to something even more. Your challenge is to pay attention to what shows up once you make your intentions known. Invest your emotional self.

Don’t believe everything you think…

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