Weekly Gratitude Eleven

For the water that brings forth and sustains life on this earth

“I am grateful  or the water that floods the inner and outer to bring life and all of its flow. I give deep thanks for the emotions that flow, the rivers and streams that feed the oceans, the water that sustains the cells and That I AM”.

Without water, there is no life. The fabrication of water from 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen is a miracle of the great mystery. As I write this I am in the middle of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, India, in a hotel situated in and on the lake itself. The water is creating the clear vibration that makes one surrender to the now. I have also been on and in the Ganges, the holy river that cleanses and eradicates the past karmic influences and nourishes the land and the people in deeply physical and spiritual ways. To be grateful for water is to celebrate its presence, its impact, its necessity to personal and planetary life. It is to be conscious and aware of its condition, taking care to do everything to insure its purity.

The work of Matsumato Emoto with the water crystals clearly demonstrates the impact of thought on water. And since we are over 90% water in composition, it follows that what we think significantly effects our cellular structure and thus our physicality. The emotions flow like water. Blocking the river of emotion builds inner pressure that leads to breaks in the dam. The resulting chaos can be alleviated by flowing gently with feelings, treating them like clouds that move naturally through one’s moments.

Not consuming enough water messes with the PH of the body...alkalininty can be drying, while acidity can destroy. Monitoring and maintaining proper Ph levels through diet, supplement, sunshine, water, thought, and action, can lead one to a life of flow. The physical body quickly goes to dehydration which impacts the cells and muscles and tissues and the brain. Sipping pure water and holding it in the mouth for a short time tells the brain that water is being introduced. The brain then uses what it needs to maintain proper function. Consume enough water that you urinate often. The clearer the urine the more the indicator that you are hydrated. You may be surprised how many physical, emotional, and mental issues will disappear when you pay close attention to hydration and PH.

Spending time near clean water balances the body mind and spirit with the negative ions. If you are unable to get to a stream, river, lake, or ocean daily, then make sure that you bathe or shower especially at the end of the day. Water will bind negative, or lower frequency energy, to cleanse your auric energy field. Colonics use water to break up physical and energetic toxicity in the intestines and colon, thus allowing the full absorption of nutrients.

Paying attention to water through any of these actions are acts of gratitude. Assisting others to be aware is and act of gratitude. See it, drink it, play in it, visualize it, listen to it...daily for a more smooth presence in this world. Deep gratitude for the many ways water assists us. Be grateful whenever you are around it. Let it serve you...by not resisting it...never resist tears, they are a magical elixir that reveals the truth of your being

  1. Drink 8 + glasses of pure water each day with awareness and gratitude. Send clear clean thoughts to the water before drinking. Be aware of the results of your care. Better yet, sip water throughout the day
  2. Get next to water daily, feel it and notice its impact. Be grateful for your experience. Cleanse yourself with water daily as well...showers, baths, swimming, enemas, juices...
  3. Tend a plant for a time and notice its water needs. Transfer that nurturance to yourself. Notice your cycles

Notice how your life flows. Notice the resistance. Clear blockages to a gentle consistent flow in your moments

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