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Of all the instruments in the world, your voice is the most versatile, the most colorful, the most beautiful, the most expressive. Nothing conveys the nuances of the inner world so poignantly, so powerfully. In fact, your voice mirrors the condition of your heart and soul. It is an indicator of what you have yet healed, of what you cling to.

Listen to an infant expressing and you will see and hear fullness and wholeness, unencumbered by family and social constraints. It is a complete and natural expression. That still lives in you. Can you remember? When was the last time you allowed your voice to shout its glory? When was the last time you stood tall and spoke or sang your truth? If you are like many you have meekly tucked that voice away in some shadowed corner of your memory.

And yet, in the quiet of your deepest moments you can feel it stirring, longing for that unfettered flight. Are you ready to free it? Are you ready to allow your voice its song? Yes, you are...

Our natural voices have been systematically diminished by our particular life experiences. How many of us have sung with passion only to be silenced by “You can’t carry a tune in a bucket”, or “Why don’t you just lip sync the words”. Though we bought the criticism, we still long to sing, for singing is the heart in full bloom. It is life massaging itself with soaring melodies or rhythmic chants.

Singing lessons are an opening. But traditional lessons focus on technique and bypass the psychological and emotional limitations we still carry. Forcing technique on a voice that is only a portion of itself is questionable. Why not work to free the voice first by changing the thinking and the self-criticisms and replacing the fears with nurturing awareness?

This is what I offer. By clarifying and expanding the true voice within we can then fine tune the mechanism. Recovering the natural voice is a journey and a process of rediscovery, a reconnection with your divine essence.

Steps in the

Voice Recovery Process

Clarifying the Voice

Clearing blockages to the free and full expression of the voice. Developing confidence through an individualized process of psycho-emotional exercises, affirmations and re-education

Expanding the voice

A more focused exploration and expansion of the mechanisms of the voice, including breath, tone, pitch, range, diction and articulation, placement and phrasing.

Voice as Instrument

Working with the stylistic use of voice. Expressing emotion and interpretation of songs. Exploration of voice in spiritual realms through toning, chanting, mantras and sacred songs.

The Natural Voice offers you a personalized, nurturing process to release the blockages to the free and full expression
of your given voice.

One on one sessions by appointment

Location by arrangement.

Hourly rate: $75

Special Weekend Intensive

 Investment: $757.00

Or 6 payments via Pay Pal
(for details click on box below)

Consists of 4 three hour sessions over a two day period.

(You come to San Luis Obispo, CA or make arrangements for me to fly to where you are. These personal costs are additional and not included in the fee.)

Contact: 1.877.427.5855


Please Note: The Voice Recovery Process is not singing lessons. It clears the energetic blockages that inhibit one’s singing experience. It clarifies the quality of the voice and restores the willingness to sing. Singing lessons are a natural follow up to this process with positive results more likely.

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