Workshops facilitated by Mark Stanton Welch

Level One: Sound Healing Tools   3 Hours
introduction to the many tools that can be used to influence and impact energy and vibration.

Level Two: Sound Healing methods   5 Hours
Learning about the variety of specific methods of working with intentional sound healing

Level Three: Sound Healing Practicum   All Day
Application of tools and methods to raise one’s frequency and cleanse energetic debris

Chant and Mantra   3 Hours
Experiencing a wide variety of ethnic chant, Sanskrit mantra, and intentional song

Between Heaven and Earth: An Introduction to Working with the Chakras    3 Hours

Solid on the Earth: Learning about and Clearing the Root Chakra   3 Hours

Living with Passion and Joy: Learning about and clearing the Sacral Chakra   3 Hours

Personal Power and Taking Action: Learning about and Clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra    3 Hours

Heart Centered Living   3 Hours
Learning about and applying specific techniques to stay in the frequency of Love with an open heart

Learning to Finally Speak Your Truth: Clearing the Throat Chakra   3 hours

Manifesting Desires Through Clear Seeing: Learning about and Clearing the Third Eye Chakra  3 Hours

Accessing and Receiving Guidance: Exploring the Crown Chakra   3 Hours

Living in the Body: Working with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras   All Day

Tending the Inner Garden of Spirit: Learning about and Clearing the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras   All Day

The Art of Self Care 3 Hours
Practical techniques to nourish, nurture, and empower one’s body, mind, and spirit

Clearing the Past through Inner Discovery and Release     All Day
Clearing the toxic energy of the past that inhibits our vitality and clarity

Introduction to the Body as Energy   3 Hours
Learn about body energy systems and what you can do to care for them

Creating Powerful Affirmations and Proclamations that Get Results   3 Hours

How to Surrender and let Go   3 Hours

Finding Balance Inside and Out   3 Hours

Sound for Stress Reduction   3 Hours
learning and applying sound techniques to reduce stress

Finding Your Inner Rhythmic Self   3 Hours
Using movement and music to reclaim your personal pulse and rhythm.

Creating Relationship with your Inner Child Self   All Day
Techniques to create a peaceful inner and outer life

Living in De Light   3 Hours
Learning about, receiving, and applying Gifts of the Universe

Rebooting Your Life   3 Hours
Reprogramming our inner Computer with a new Operating System. Changing beliefs…

Reawakening Your Star Child      6 hours
Finding the inner Divine Blueprint and letting it become the expression of You

Choosing to Thrive   (3 hours)
Choosing to step out of the programming and claiming the beautiful life we deserve

Reclamation of Wonder and Imagination  (3 hours)
Remembering just how magnificent and wonder-full life really is. Reawakening the senses and the infinite possibilities

Re-Awakening   (2 day intensive)
Powerful and intensive experience to reawaken the truth of who you have always been. Gives one the knowing and tools to live in center, balance, and power. Limited to 25 participants.

Tools for the Times   (3 hours)
Twenty first century information and tools to integrate the new vibrations