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The gift of reclaiming Your Whole Self by speaking Your Holy Name

In a multidimensional Universe fabricated from the frequency of Love, all incarnates in a state of perfection. Earthly dimensional influences and laws diminish the vibration and alter the forms of living organisms. Underneath the alterations the state of perfection remains, coded into the DNA and into the energetic True Self. The current inflow of higher vibration bathing the planet has given rise to the reawakening of the deep knowing within us all. Lower vibrational patterns and beliefs are being shaken loose to reveal the ongoing essence of the I Am in each of us. Conscious choice to claim it speeds the process and opens the doorway to living in our uncompromised power and presence.

The key to expanding into the full expression of all that we are is the use of the original birth name, first, middle, and last. This frequency recalls the perfect state within us at the point of incarnation. Speaking the name aloud pulls us immediately to that original frequency, serving as a wake up call to the cells and systems to align to the true design. It is a temporary process that initiates a frequency change. The more one chooses this action then the more likely one will sustain the frequency. Abilities expand and information floods the cells giving rise to deeper understandings and acceptance of this once very familiar state of being.

Lower vibration memories, patterns, and beliefs cannot remain in this new vibration. They are transmuted and sent to the Light.The way we are and how we show up in our moments of living are elevated to allow us to find balance, clarity, and peace. Conscious choice to use this technique informs the multi-verse that you are willing to release and let go the old ways and patterns. Choose this gift wisely. Your life will quickly change...

The 52 Gifts of a benevolent, flowing Multi-verse

The First Gift

First Gift Activities

“There’s a never ending river from Heaven, pouring into us each day. If we close our eyes in ignorance and throw up our resistance, the river won’t flow, no way. So why not dredge the Holy Channel Make it deep make it wide. Let the manna bring abundance To the heart of our lives” ---Give In Give Out,  from Wake Up CD by Mark Stanton Welch

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