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Blonde baby in mother's arms Baby in jammies with blue beanie sleeping on white mattress sprinkled with flowers Free up the power to create a life of beauty and fulfillment...not control Cowboy dad in a tan coat walking with son towards home Black and white pic of a dark haired, big-eyed,  little girl looking forward To Register, to be wait listed,  or for more information: 1.877.427.5855  or email Mark Join me for a journey of reclamation to turn magic into a reality of love, peace, joy, and abundance!

Investment: $897 (payment plans available)

This is a nine week experience. It is fed by online pages with information and instruction and activities. You and I will have a one hour phone teaching session each week by arrangement. You shall also have two ½ hour phone sessions for check in and problem solving available each week by arrangement. Email contact will also be available.

The nine week coming home process will have the following blocks:

Please note, that  though there is general information provided in the online information and activities, the process will be a very individualized experience based upon your unique history and unfolding requirements..

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