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We live in remarkable times where long held paradigms are disappearing with the morning sun of each blessed day. Individually and collectively we are being challenged with increasing opportunity to go within and release the long held energetic debris of the unexpressed words and wounds. The demise of the Piscean formula of control, greed, lack, limited thinking, power, have’s and have not’s, discipline, rigid form and structure, and masculine manipulation is happening at just the right time.

In this limbo land between those third dimension traditions and the growing fifth dimension Aquarian frequencies, we are called to build the fourth dimensional bridge out of the decaying cultural forms. Everyone is getting the call. Many are responding. Many are pushing back in patterned resistance. Many are hiding their heads and acting like business as usual. Many are giving up and leaving the planet. It is an unparalleled epoch of change.

Laying claim to a long prophesied Golden Age, we, Lightworkers, Indigos, and Crystals, stand at the growing edge of human transformation. The work is ours to do. Without a decision, a commitment and, subsequent, fast action, we run the risk of ending up with what was called the Nothing, in the movie, Never Ending Story. What we each do with this breath and this moment and this thought determines the world we inherit just beyond the threshold of Now.

Decisions are made based upon intuition, information, and an unbending will to move forward. By committing to populate the growing edge of change, we declare our devotion to the path of creating the world we deserve. To do this in clarity with passion and courage and success, we must take risk and challenge the way it has been, both inside and out.

This page is about information and inspiration, fuel to keep your personal fire of living as your True Self in a world of love, peace, and abundance ignited. On it you will see sections that address various elements of life on earth, how it has been, how it is, and how it shall be.

Use it to clarify your intentions, amplify your beliefs, seed your action, move you to accomplishment. Bon voyage!

Here you can explore articles and YOU Tube videos that offer cutting edge perspectives for these times and beyond. Science, spirituality, and culture will be topics of focus. Opening the mind allows the new vibration to take seed in the heart. We are meant to live fully. Click to access Mind Stretching adventures far beyond what has been...


Golden Age


We have grown up, generation after generation, under the watchful eye of a controlling overseer that has conditioned us to think less of ourselves and accept less for ourselves. Restrictive, limiting paradigms have held the masses in check. Corporations and media and politicians have combined to dis-empower and confuse and control through fear, manipulation, misinformation, and lies. And, for the most part, the masses blindly went along.

Information is power. And, information, will offer you new perspectives upon which you can make an informed decision about your personal and planetary future. Videos and articles will open your eyes, minds, and hearts.

Remember, things are not what they seem.

Click to access Through the Looking Glass and see what’s on the other side...

A whole lot of people are doing beautiful things, creating new ways and means to live sensibly and cooperatively, making conscious choices to release the hold of the force-fed life of the past. Inspiration is everywhere, in business, in entertainment, in the arts, in science, in relationship, in cultures, in neighborhoods, in families.

Each Lightworker hears a different call and follows inner guidance to live in alignment with the Earth, with a Higher Purpose, with one another. You are reading this because you are one as well. See what your brothers and sisters are doing to bring about the Golden Age. Be inspired to do that which is yours to do.

Click to access Co-Creating in this Golden Age... And enjoy the articles and videos

Many of the ways of living as dictated by past beliefs are no longer attractive in the new vibrations of these times and the times to come. The focus on self nurturing is the foundation of the new paradigm. From this place of being full we have the energy and inner resources to be present for others as well, in clear, powerful, honorable ways.

Living in the higher frequencies opens up the full panorama of life on earth to us. The multi-dimensional experience requires new roadmaps to access the magnificent nuances of the Divine.

Articles and videos are the vehicles of information and guidance.

Click to drink in the ever-expanding methods of Higher Vibrational Living...

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