When you are in a state of inner balance then all of your skills, talents, and capabilities are available in the now. Your thoughts are focused. You are capable of action because you are supported energetically. Your awareness allows you to adjust your path and create in the now. Your senses are heightened and your experience of life is richer, fuller, and more satisfying. The flow of the outer world reflects that inner balance. It is smoother.

Wouldn't it follow that you would desire to be in this state more often than not? The forms of life interfere with this balance by introducing change, uncertainty, and stress. The forms are unique to each. There is cultural, social, and personal pressure to be a certain way, to fit in, to succeed. You have bought into believing you have limitations. Your unprocessed energetic past impacts your willingness to move out of your perpetual state of fear. It is a challenge to keep in, let alone find, a grounded state.

The good news is that being grounded is a choice…a choice supported by consciousness, tools, techniques, and actions. What follows are seven techniques to assist in creating and maintaining a state of balance.

Awareness of and Connection to the Earth

The Earth is a constant energetic resource. Conscious connection with her is an empowering choice. There are two particular chakras that, when engaged, assist mightily in grounding you. The Root Chakra, at the perineum, opening to the Earth, allows conscious connection with the ground, where energy is fed to us. Become aware of your feet. Notice the feel of the earth. Feel yourself rooted deep into the ground, like a tree. Stomping your feet activates the root chakra and strengthens the connection with the Earth. Put your hands in the dirt and feel the energetic exchange. Lay on the Earth and feel the whole body connection. Breathe and feel.

The Earth Star Chakra is an oval energetic plate that is shoulder wide and about 18 inches below the feet. It is a constant exchange point of energy to and from the earth. Visualize and feel a column of Earth power moving through the Earth Star into the left foot and rising up the left leg to feed and cleanse the entire energetic body. See and feel the residue energy moving down the right side and out the right foot into the Earth Star where it is transmuted into neutral energy. This constant cycling process will keep you in a state of energetic nourishment, allowing you to flow with the forms of life from a place of solid foundation.                                                                

Cleanse the Energy of Experience

Physical body dis-ease is often the result of the unexpressed energies of living. Not having permission to express the words or actions from a personal event forces the energy to be stored within the body. The body has a remarkable capacity to store it, most often placing like themed experiences in the selected chakras. But the body also taps on your awareness so you will consciously choose to clear this energetic residue. Most often you ignore it. Until now. Choose to clear it by paying attention to the body’s callings. If there is pain, pay attention. Ask it for information. Focus on it and breathe into it. Notice what it does. Maybe it has sound in it…express it. Maybe it requires a movement. Maybe attention is all that is necessary. Paying attention gives permission for the energy to move and cleanse. When you release put a higher energy as color or intention into the space just vacated.


To breathe is to return to the body. Breath contains oxygen and chi, the life force. It is nourishment to your cells and systems. Life’s events often steal the breath temporarily. Breathe deeply and fully to the belly. Do a cycle of 10 slow breaths and you will return to your body with increased clarity, creativity, problem solving capacity, and a greater willingness to act upon what must be done.

Keep Emotion Flowing

Emotions arise from the moments of living. You experience and you have a response. The emotions are temporary and move like clouds through the sky of our inner world. Learning to trust them and move with them is a powerful choice. When you ignore them through programming, influence, or belief you create a backup. They become, essentially, energetic residue that stores in the chakras, awaiting release. Repressing emotion repeatedly builds a store house of energy waiting to be triggered. Anger and fear are particularly susceptible to being stuffed. One becomes explosive or in a constant, adrenal depleting state of un-named fear. Please allow your emotions to be expressed, even if you have to do it when you are away from the stimulus in a place of safety. Paying attention to the body sensations will often be clues to an impending release. Breathe and follow the sensation. Likely it will move around on its way to release. Let it flow. And feel the clarity and foundation on the other side.

Adopt the Larger View

Being ungrounded often stems from a knee-jerk response to an event. We have an experience, quickly interpret, and then act from that interpretation. Most of us have cloudy and uninformed interpretations of events because they were made in a moment by our child self long ago. This survival decision seemed right at the time. But much has been learned since that decision. A new viewpoint must be applied to allow a more aligned response. Taking time to respond allows a new perspective. Choosing to take a bigger view reveals more elements of the situation. You can look for the trigger that caused the response. In that trigger there may be information about the original event that wants energetic release. Release it. Perhaps you can put yourself in the shoes of the other players to become more sensitive and open the door to alternative responses. Each moment out of the pattern allows you to be back in body, making decisions and taking actions that nurture life and support the truth f what is really going on. Developing a practice of taking the higher perspective will positively change your reaction to life. That is a place of power.

Speak the Unspoken

Most people are not comfortable speaking their feelings or their truth. All the familial, societal, and cultural programming about expressing silences many. Well, those unspoken words are often very strong energies. And they, like the experiences themselves, store in the body, aligned with the chakra that is at their frequency. This creates inner discomfort, chaos, and, eventually, disease. The words must be spoken. Find a safe place of solitude where you can say the words. Getting them out is a much more powerful energetic cleanse that thinking them or writing them. It is vibration. There is probably quite a reservoir of the unspoken in you. Likely it will be triggered by similar experiences and feed the emotional reaction to the new event. Make it a priority to find a way to express verbally. Doing it in the moment to the source will probably be met with mixed results or even escalate a situation. Rather, again, create the safe place to express later. Under no circumstances go to bed anymore with the unspoken left inside. Go into the bathroom, run the shower, and speak the words into the water of the toilet. Speak them all and, when complete, flush. The energy is bound into the water.

Be Physically Active and Move

You are an energetic being in a constant vibration. To be still is a challenge. It is difficult to contain energy, much like trying to hold back the river. Movement allows flowing with the energy, or redirecting it to a positive purpose. Movement uses the energy as a source for the movement, as fuel to the engine to activity. Give yourself permission to move. Allowing the body to move without direction can actually release much of the held energy of living. It may seem random but it is an orchestrated unwinding of a previous experience. Tantrums are highly grounding as they bring you back into your body, where you have your faculties back. Going for a walk or a run or playing will redirect the inner energetic backups and clear you back to balance. Dancing is a fun way to exercise, release, celebrate, and express.

You do have a choice about being in or out of your body. Though leaving may seem safe and desirable, it is not necessarily so. Though useful, l and supported in extremes, most often it is more advantageous to get back into the body, to ground into the foundation, so that you have all that is necessary to meet the form of the situation. Paying attention to grounding as a regular part of your life will change your experience of your moments. Become like the tree, solid on the earth. We are in the physical dimension. Why not choose to live here? I believe you will be much happier for it.

Listen to and download several songs about grounding, Roots, and, Like a Tree

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Endless blessings

Mark Stanton Welch

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