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Co-creating this golden age

A whole lot of people are doing beautiful things, creating new ways and means to live sensibly and cooperatively, making conscious choices to release the hold of the force-fed life of the past. Inspiration is everywhere, in business, in entertainment, in the arts, in science, in relationship, in cultures, in neighborhoods, in families.

Each Lightworker hears a different call and follows inner guidance to live in alignment with the Earth, with a Higher Purpose, with one another. You are reading this because you are one as well. See what your brothers and sisters are doing to bring about the Golden Age. Be inspired to do that which is yours to do.

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
It appears that the people are speaking...against the corporate mentality that pushes hard to squeeze the life out of the masses to line already full pockets...bahavior much akin to a bunch of kids on the playground who play king of the hill or strive to get the most marbles. Finally, the scene of the crime, Wall Street, is being occupied by citizens who have had enough. They are now making their intentions known and are inviting other frustrated citizens all over the country to join in the non-violent protest.

Click here to read the declaration. Search your heart for your own level of support and action...

Nick Vujicik...
A remarkable is what you do with what you have that makes life a celebration. Wishin’ and hopin’ and figurin’ and prayin’...

A very relevant speech
A little known speech in a role by actor, Charlie!

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Free Hugs...Juan Mann
It doesn’t take much to give a lot...

Where the Hell Is Matt?
One man’s folly opens up hearts and spirits around the your dance

Baby Delight
Absolute proof that we are joy beings by design. Genuine laughter is contagious...go spread the delight

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Kindness Boomerang
See what one act of kindness can do.

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