Chant/Mantra of the Week Sample

Chant Information

A chant from the Hawaiian tradition translating “may the great peace descend”. It is in the key of D so it is focusing into the second chakra where strong emotions, past hurts, injustices, abuses, and unexpressed experiences are held. Use this chant to cleanse the energetic residue of all that has not served you to settle into an inner peace that vibrates in alignment with your true frequency. Use it also to create fertile, peaceful foundation for creativity and joy.

From the CD, Root Chakra. Another version available on the cd, Chants

Ele Ele Tau Mai

Chant Use

Chants work by repetition. The more you put them to use listening and singing the more effect they have. A peace chant can be used to replace “disturbing or annoying thoughts”, or used when your patterns bring you the same frustrating results. Ele Ele Tau Mai employs Hawaiian  energy. This energy is powerful and soothing. The mood is slow and the melody is descending and bluesy. Use it to ground your scattered energies. Remember it for times when it is just the right remedy for your moments of living.

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