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You are lovingly invited to embrace and allow the change to flow in your life. Moving to reclaim your true self takes awareness, choice, and application. Gathering resources is a wise choice in these quickly shifting times. Doing so allows you to move and respond to your specific moments of living. Mark provides a wide array of useful tools to support your reclamation of you.


Mark’s CDs are there to reawaken your vibration. Each feeds messages of remembering who you are to help realign your subconscious patterned beliefs of limitations. Singing is a powerful tool for shaking the cells free and igniting the inner passions that result in a new experience with life. Below are some suggested themes and CDs. Click on each to listen to samples and purchase songs or the whole CD.

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Manifestation, Prosperity, and Abundance

These CDs support the principles of manifestation and abundance. Listening to and singing the songs will keep the principles in mind and energy to increase the focus and attract the desired

Sing Your Heart's Desire CD. Click for samples and ordering information. Puttin' My Talent to Work CD. Click for samples and ordering information. Building My Field of Dreams CD. Click for samples and ordering. There's Plenty for All CD. Click for samples and ordering information.

Health and Healing

The medical model that I resonate with through study and experience is one based on vibration, thought, and action. Thoughts and beliefs create an awareness of energy and of the body’s capacity to experience, process, and clear the vibrations of the moments. Conscious action through choice to self care and maintain balance are the foundations of vibrant health. All the CDs in the Sound category are applicable  for health. The following CDs will also support a consciousness of balance.

Twelve Powers CD. Click for samples and ordering. Holy Cafe CD. Click for samples and ordering information. Alive I Am CD. Click for samples and ordering. Ask Your Guides CD.Click for samples and ordering. In the Now double CD. Click for samples and ordering information. True Balance CD. Click for samples and ordering information. What I Currently Know CD. Click for samples and ordering information.

  For more suggestions of music please visit the CD Categories Page
Theme Series
Sound Alchemy Series
Youth Empowerment

Sound and Vibration

Free Resources

As all is vibration, you can impact your life by working with specific intentioned vibrations. Your cells, organs, and systems respond to sound. Certain frequencies bring certain measurable results. Conscious use of sound will positively impact the forms of your life and enrich your flow with life. Explore the many resources available to support your choice to embrace change. Some are annotated below.

Vibrational Services
Specific support services that will change your inner vibration to attract different outcomes for your moments. Let Mark guide you, cleanse you, and empower you with these and more available by going to Vibrational Services.

Healing Music
Mark has created specific types of music to assist you in reawakening and reclaiming your true vibration. Music bypasses the intellect and impacts all of the energy bodies. Allow Mark’s expertise in creating intentional music, infused with specific frequencies, lyrics, and melodies, to shift the way life shows up for you. Click the link above to explore more of this category.

Music Services
Allow Mark to create very personal musical support for your unique requirements. Follow the link for a more thorough exploration of these services available.

Sound Alchemist (Sound Waves Inner Mystery School)
If part of this new year’s change is to explore new horizons then you might be interested in learning to be a Sound Alchemist. The power of vibration and frequency is revealing itself quickly in these times. This on line three part course can teach you about working with sound and vibration to make profound change. Becoming a certified Sound Alchemist allows you to assist clients with making inner and outer change. Learn more about this revolutionary new course…follow the link.

Sound Alchemy Practice NEW
If you are interested in exploring sound alchemy in greater depth through practical, applicable sessions then this new section is just for you. For over three years I ran weekly conference calls focusing on various elements of sound healing. Click the link to explore a wide variety of topics from chakra clearings, to back side chakra clearings, to making manifest your intentions, to external spiritual point clearings. You could spend an entire year or more just exploring these one hour recording. Do not miss using these to shift your vibration and fill you full of new tools and frequencies. Click the link and get downloading…

Click the links below to explore some very useful resources that are gifts to you. Click the title to access more freebies.


Sometimes a weekly tool with information and activity can be just the thing to support you through embracing change to create the life you want. Explore some of the offerings below.

Sometimes making significant changes can be daunting. So much so that you hesitate or feel overwhelmed. In those moments it is right to turn to inner guidance. And yet, often we have not developed the ears or the openness to hear the guidance. Support from the outside can be a welcome aid. To communicate with someone who has walked the path can be a lifesaver.

Mark has created special services based on his moments of living, the unique experiences he has moved through, the guidance received and the lessons learned. His support may be just the thing to gather insight, get motivated, muster courage to move, to know you have physical support. His guidance is practical, inspired, directive, informative, out of the box, and on the leading edge of this wave of change. Explore some of his services below…


Spiritual Mentoring
Setting up individual or sequential sessions with Mark can jump start your process, put wings on your feet, and function as an informed companion to steer you through the rough spots. It is more than coaching, it is reawakening your understanding of who you truly are to reclaim your power and willingness to create rich moments of living fully. Click the link to learn more…

Inner Child Mentoring
Your inner child is the pure essence of you, holder of the template of your current incarnation. Yet, he/she is also the one molded by the moments of living. The decisions and actions of the uninformed child have steered your life in a direction that is, quite possibly, protected, patterned, and less than you intended. The child has been responsible for your survival up until now. Truthfully, this is too much for the child self to handle. Join Mark for a transformational inner journey to reclaim your happy childhood. Put your adult self back in charge and free up your child self to drink up the juiciness of life. This is a potent journey that educates your child to let go of doing it all. It requires courage and will, but the results are worth ever release of the old. Click the link to learn more.

Tools for the Times (Book coming soon. Recordings of classes available now)
Are you interested in what is going on in these times? Are you hungry for new and exciting information? Would you like to learn about the deeper nature of things and just how the Multiverse is set up? Would you like to get clear so you can see what has been going on for what it is? Are you ready to remember who you are, and reawaken dormant skills and talents? If so, then you want to contact Mark about experiencing Tools for the Times. Click the link above to learn more…

Rebirth of I AM
Your life reflects the deep inner you. Every thought and experience has combined to manifest the forms of your moments. You have been taught to believe in limits and to hold on to programming that is certainly not who you truly are. You have a reservoir of old energy, beliefs, and patterns that run your moments. All of this can be cleared. You can be given your moments back to create the life you intend. It requires something of you to make this happen. Commitment…to you. If you desire this then come to the California coast for three days of an intensive one on one reclamation and transformation of you. Become your own instrument of change. Click the link…

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A specially priced assemblage of Sound Alchemy CDs and writings to solidify your foundation of learning and applying sound principles. Click the title above to explore this complete package available for a limited time.



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