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Group  Realignments with Vibrational Alchemist

Mark Stanton Welch

Once a month,  a chakra will be targeted for energetic cleanse via vibrational exercises.

The one hour conference calls will allow each participant to receive the vibration raising therapy.

Lower frequency energies will be cleared to leave you in a more balanced state.


Sessions will consist of live frequency alignment, toning, mantras, chants, quartz and Tibetan bowls, rattles, songs, affirmative statements, proclamations, and other intuited activities.

All sessions will be recorded for personal reference, downloadable to non participants for a fee.

Sessions that repeat will be similar but different in guided activity.

Chakra clearing is a powerful preventive tool that  helps to maintain energetic balance and reduces incidence of compromised immune system disorders.

Sessions are informative and not intended to diagnose or treat disease.
Please see a qualified health professional for specific treatment.

Each session is $15

Please contact Mark at 877.427.5855 for more information and to register.
Registration can also be completed online via PayPal.

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Announcement: The Chakra Call format for the last two years has been retired. Recordings for All of the seven in body chakras front and back, as well as external chakras and external spiritual points are available in the archives for your purchase. These hour long calls are full of information and activity to assist you in taking proper care of all your chakras and energy bodies. The MP3 recordings are accompanied by a link with all the lyrics for the songs, chants, and mantras used in the session. Visit the archives today by following the link at the bottom of the page

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